Total Knee Joint Replacement- Dr Aniruddha Wargantiwar

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Healthy knees are mandatory to carry out everyday activities in a smooth manner as knee is the largest joint in the body. Any disease or injury can disrupt the components of knee and thus resulting in the muscle weakness and reduced function.

The severe damage of knee due to arthritis or injury can cause pain and trouble in performing simple and regular activities like walking and climbing stairs. The knee pain and deformity generally takes places due to Arthritis. The three most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis.

It is preferable to consider knee replacement surgery in Nagpur rather than opting for non-surgical treatments such as medications and walking supports. These non-surgical treatments provide temporary results while surgical treatment provides long-lasting outcomes.

The joint replacement procedures are safe and effective and they result in pain relief and correction of leg deformity. In this way, you’ll be able to resume your regular activities without any difficulty.

The knee replacement in Nagpur can also be known as knee resurfacing. In this procedure, the surface of the bones are replaced. This procedure of knee resurfacing can be divided into four steps which are:

  • Preparing the bone
  • Positioning the metal implants
  • Resurfacing the patella (kneecap)
  •  Insert a spacer

You should do a little research about the knee replacement cost in Nagpur before opting for a random surgeon. Furthermore, you also need to explore the treatment options and the reliable surgeons for the treatment of knee pain in Nagpur.

The age and weight restrictions are generally not considered in case of total knee replacement surgery. The complexity of patients’s pain and disability decides the treatment procedure. There are several components that are considered by an orthopaedic surgeon for the evaluation of the case. These components are:

  • Medical history
  • Physical examination
  • X-rays
  • Other tests like blood test, MRI scan etc.

Dr. Aniruddha Wargantiwar is a preferable surgeon for performing joint replacement in Nagpur. He and his team of knee specialists in Nagpur have achieved successful results till now as they are skilled & experienced enough to handle the complex cases with the help of latest surgical innovations, modern tools & techniques.

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