Hip Replacement Surgeon In Nagpur- Dr Aniruddha Wargantiwar

If you are thinking to undergo hip replacement surgery, then you must explore different aspects related to this surgery. You can also explore other treatment options, but this treatment will provide you permanent solution for your problem.

Here we are providing some essential information about hip replacement surgery which will help you in taking your decision.

The hip is one of the largest joints of the body. Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic hip pain & disability. Some of the common diseases or causes behind hip pain are given below:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthriti
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Childhood hip disease

In case of hip damage or disability due to arthritis, fracture, injury or other conditions, it becomes difficult for the patients to carry out common day-to-day activities like walking, getting in and out of chair. The patient may feel pain and difficulty while performing these regular activities. Even resting may become uncomfortable for the patients.

The candidates who can undergo total hip replacement surgery are:
No age or weight restrictions are there for this surgical process.
This surgery is based on the level of patient’s pain & disability and his/her medical history.

The total hip replacement is also known as total hip arthroplasty. In the process of total hip replacement in Nagpur, prosthetic components are used to replace the damaged bone and cartilage.

Your surgeon can recommend this surgery in case of following conditions:

  •  Restriction in regular activities like walking or bending due to hip pain.
  • Difficulty in the ability to move or lift the leg because of stiffness in hip.
  • Continuous hip pain even while resting, either day or night.
  • When anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, or walking supports are not sufficient enough to
  • provide adequate pain relief.

The hip replacement surgery can benefit the patient in case of above conditions and the patient can resume his/her routine activities through efficient post-treatment care.

Dr. Anirudhha Wargantiwar has the expertise as one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Nagpur. You need to follow the instructions and exercises suggested by your surgeon after this treatment. This will help you in fast recovery and also in restoring your mobility and strength.

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