Mainak Pradhan

Dr. Wargantiwar is an exceptional surgeon and human being with unmatched skills. 2 years ago, I had an accident which broke all the 3 bones of my right leg. Lost all hope. But during that stressful period, he instilled confidence in me and my family and assured that I would walk like a normal person in no time. And after the successful surgery, I could walk within 1 month. He kept guiding me and my family over the last 2 years. He patiently anewered all of our queries and assured us there is nothing to worry. He will be always there whenever we need his guidance.Without him, my journey to normalcy would not have been possible. We are eternally thankful to Doctor

Dr. Pramod Sahu

I came across with Dr. Aniruddha Wargantiwar in Oct’2017, when my left hip joint neck fumer was fractured while playing with my children. This fracture is considered as very bad fracture due to it’s critical location and importance as weight bearing joint for whole body. He patiently studied the case and did wonderful surgery at this critical area. After 5 months of surgery I was walking absolutely normal. The expertise and skill of Dr. Wargantiwar in the field is appreciable. Apart from his medical knowledge, the human traits viz. soft and to-the point speaking is praisworthy. I am very much thankful to God that I was treated by him.I along with my family and friends wish him a great success in his mission to provide best medication to his patients.

Pritesh Pandey

Dr. Aniruddha sir did my father’s leg fracture surgery and assured that he will walk within 2 months after surgery and now my father is fine and walk properly.So sir is awesome and friendly in explaining all things before the surgery and gave us hope that he will take care of everything.He diagnoses the issues clearly and explains the treatment procedure clearly .He is patient enough to understand our questions and clarifies it to our satisfaction .”He is good doctor as well as good human being”

Chaitali Gole

Dr. Wargantiwar recently did knee replacement for my mother who is 70 year old. She was advised replacement 5 years ago but kept on postponing the surgery due to fear. However, the pain in her knees had become unbearable of late and so we convinced her for the surgery. Thankfully, we met Dr. Wargantiwar who patiently explained the procedure in detail to the entire family and cleared all the doubts. He assured my mother that all would go well and it did! After replacing both knees my mother is very happy and is able to do all her work in two weeks time. We are thankful to Dr.Wargantiwar and his team for giving a ‘ new’ active life to my mom. I am especially grateful for all the time he spent talking and caring for my mom.

rajeeva ranjan

Just left the hospital after getting operated by him, a charming and smiling personality which cures half of ur illness.

zeeshan sheikh

Excellent and co-operative.Dr. A wargantiwar. Sir. Well experienced in joint replacement. Patients familiar Doctor.

Ishan Dhotkar

Dr. Aniruddha Wargantiwar is a very soft spoken & highly skilled Orthopedist. He explains the problems, injuries to patients in a very simple way. Recently, he operated my mother & she is recovering as fast as it should be. A million thanks to him for curing my mother. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Rita Aggarwal

Dr. Wargantiwar is a very meticulous and skilled surgeon. Operated my 92 year aged Father with perfection. Highly recommended. Best wishes to him always.

Gopal Sharan Singh

Excellen doctor during knee of my mrs Mridula singhihave anice exprience with dr wargantiwar apart from excellent doctor he is excellent human being Ivery caring always rise to occassionand an asset to hospitalperformanxe is excellent

raja khan

One of the finest DR in nagpur not only for his work but also for the way he talk with the patients & there family These days Dr in nagpur are so rude that they cant even reply to the family of patient that whats going on But anirudh sir is outstanding

rakesh yadav

Very satisfied and feel like I am in good hands

Rahul Kumar

Very Knowledgeable Doctor He know every think in Joint, Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery. Experience Doctor In Nagpur.

GP Associates

One of the best surgeon, consultant doctor in Nagpur. Thank You Aniruddha Sir for taking care of my mother. From last 1 decade she was suffering from knee and joint pain but now she can freely move around in home,Without much of pain she can now walk thanks to you and to your hospital staff this has happened .Thank you very much.

Vaibhav Kumbalkar

I consult Dr first time today and i would love to say that Dr Aniruddha wargantiwar is best.

PamaleDigitalWorld PvtLtd

Best joint & knee Replacement Surgeon in Nagpur.

Dr Rajendra Rai

Excellent surgeon….

Pritam Amale

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Jayashree Rane
Vishal Tagalpallewar